Friday, April 30, 2010

One of the best movies ever!!!!!!

I just got done watching Steel Magnolias. This is seriously one of the best movies EVER!!!! It gets me every time, every single time!! I shed tears no matter what. It made me kind of sad the other day when I said something about this movie to my students and not one of them knew what I was talking about. So to all you mothers out there...force you children (daughters especially) to watch this movie. Don't let the classic die!!!!!!! Not only does my mother look very similar to Sally Field, but every time I watch this movie I think of my own Mom and how she would do anything for all six of her children, much like Shelby's mother!!

I also noticed this time through the movie that Weeza admits she would give a kidney to her dog if he needed one, and while I do not totally identify with the character of Weeza, I totes would give a kidney for either of my dogs:). Kidding...but I would probably think about it!!

Kora this is for you...
"Shelby, open your eyes! Open your eyes! Open, open, open your eyes!"
How many times did we reenact that scene?!?

Amazing movie. Watch it the next time you get the chance. What are some other classic movies that are great? Share your opinion....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tim McGraw

Hard to believe that this picture is four or five years old!!! This was the last time Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were at the Key Arena for their Soul to Soul tour. Kora got tickets for all of us, well except Kimberly who had a ticket of her own so had to sit someplace else, but either way it was so much fun to go with all of us Hussey girls. We had such a great time!! We were not suppose to take alcohol down into the actual arena, so my Mom fixed that problem by cleaning out her purse and carrying the wine about flying Coach:). It was very memorable. As many of you know, Tim McGraw is soon coming back to the Key. Again, Kora was able to get us tickets for the show. This time she got ALL of us tickets together and Amy is going to be joining us. I am really looking forward to this concert. Concerts are always such a fun, exciting time to let loose, relax, and enjoy some great music. I know this year will be just as memorable as the last time:).

I had to include the below picture because it makes me laugh whenever I see it. Kora and I look like we might be "life partners" in this picture. Who knows why I decided to rest my head on her shoulder?!?!

Can't wait to rendezvous with you again Tim...our time apart will be over soon!!!!

This is one of my favorite concert memories...what is yours?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funny Story

My Mom recently had a birthday party. While we were hanging out at my parents house eating dinner to celebrate her birth, we noticed a small photo shoot going on at the back of my parents property. These two girls, who could not have been older than 16, were very busy snapping photos of each other. I think they went to the back of my parents property thinking that nobody would be able to see them. Little did they know, they had become our dinner entertainment!!! They were kissing the camera, jumping in the air, and yes, they were even lifting their skirts a bit!!! Oh yeah...I almost forgot...they were flashing clevage as well!! It was too funny.
Here are some of us are at the dinner table...I tried to catch a picture of my parents, but as you can see, Joe is in the background checking out the photo shoot with some binoculars. I don't understand how these girls could not see 15 people watching them!!!Sophia finally had enough of it and went out in the back yard to check the situation out a little closer. She is so funny!! She had the binoculars around her neck, and at one point was looking at them, in plain sight, through the binoculars. She's like, "Hey Ladies!!! What are you doing?!?"

...And running back inside to give us the report of what she saw!!!

It was hilarious!! These girls were oblivious to us watching them. Just a funny little story. Probably not as funny unless you were there to actually see it, but I still wanted to share it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was going through some of my pictures to organize them, sort them, and get them ready for printing and found a few that were cracking me up. They are not the best pictures of Kora and I, but they made me laugh!!! They are a little old, but thought I would share them with everyone:).

Seriously, what is she doing?!?! Kora, why are you so weird????????:) I'm saying, "This girl, she is CRAZY!!" Just kidding!
This is Kora's impression of singers when they hold their ears so they can hear their music. The singing that went along with this picture was even better.
Like I said...not the best pictures!!!
Fun night just hanging out with Kora and Nick...there were a lot more in this album but I might have to share those at another time:)
Just some pics to make you guys laugh!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Brandon, Carmen, & Baby Ryder

Last weekend I did a shoot for my dear friend, Brandon, his fiance, Carmen, and their beautiful baby boy, Ryder. They said that Ryder had a meltdown prior to the shoot, however, for us he was nothing but smiles:). Richie served as my assistant, holding the squeaky toy that Ry loved!!

Here is the cutie... Brandon and Ryder, striking a pose while Carmen grabbed a burp cloth to clean up after Ryder:). Ryder didn't let a little puke stop him from smiling...puke and rally was his motto!!!
Such a beautiful family.
Ryder was starting to get a little sleepy and he wanted the squeaky toy instead of just watching Richie play with it.
I just loved this picture. I love how Brandon is leaning his head into Carmen...
Ryder has the coolest eyes. They are blue with white dots all around the pupils...

I had such a great time shooting this family!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Boy Roy

Or should I say Cowboy Roy?!?!?! Griffin LeRoy turned one last week and we celebrated on Saturday with a party at high noon. It was a really cute birthday party because everyone dressed up in their western gear to help Griff celebrate. He was the perfect one year old all day. I swear, he is one of the happiest babies EVER!! The kid is always smiling and enjoying himself.

Note to all that are not family...Griffin's middle name is LeRoy and Kyle always calls him "Big Boy Roy," which I just think is so dang cute, hence the title of this blog post.

Here is the big guy getting ready to eat some cake. He is so beautiful:). Yum, yum!!
Opening some gifts...
Some Hussey cowgirls. Sophia is wearing Griff's hat from when he was a baby...she is such a goof ball!
Cowgirl Abby...kind of a princess cowgirl with her pink attire.
I just thought this was cute with the bandannas out the back pockets.
Happy Birthday Baby Griff!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Kallie

I had the wonderful opportunity to take pictures of beautiful little Kallie last week. She was such a smiley, happy baby!!! She made my job easy:). I have known Kallie's mom, Tierney, for a few years and watched her grow into a responsible young adult, and now I get to watch Kallie grow as well.
Look at those arms!! She was so chubby and cute.

It was a little cold outside and she wasn't too sure if she really wanted to be out there to take pictures. However, she was a trooper and let me get a few shots before we headed back inside.
Pretty girl!!

Tierney, thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your beautiful daughter. I am almost done with all of them and will drop them off this week.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs

There were just too many cute pictures from this night to try and post them all individually, so I put together a little slide show. It was so fun to watch Sophia color eggs this year because she understoon what we were doing. However, she did get a little sleepy toward the end. I hope that everyone had a great Easter and were able to celebrate with their loved ones.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

He destroys another...

When we first got Baxter we went out and bought him a bunch of new toys. However, we definitely underestimated the power of our big boy!! Within a few days he had completely destroyed every toy that we gave him. After mentioning this to a few people, we were told that we should get him a Kong ball because they are indestructible. I have to admit, these are tough dog toys. Baxter will chew on his for an average of five hours a day...sometimes longer. We like to call it his pacifier:). These balls are great. We can put peanut butter in them and distract Baxter for a long time. However, as Baxter has gotten older, he has realized how to get through these tough toys...basically Baxter has beat the Kong!!! I want to send these pictures to the Kong company and tell them that these toys may be indestructible to most dogs, but obviously not to Baxter. I think he has destroyed four of them now...he is a tough boy!!!
Here is the Big Guy...he HATES the camera, so it is amazing that I was even able to get this picture. I think the noise it makes creeps him out or something. Who knows...Baxter is a very "special" boy:).