Monday, November 30, 2009

Chubby Baby Feet...

...they always make me happy. Griffin has the cutest, chubbiest little feet. They look so squishy...and his ankles kind of look like they have rubber bands around them! I love it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I guess we have it

I guess we all have a heart, brain, courage, and a just have to look for it:). Again, I love this movie!!!!

Love It

I love this movie...I always have. Who doesn't want a brain, heart, courage, and home? They don't make movies like this anymore. I love that this is on TV right makes me happy.

A bit of a crisis...

Baxter needed his toenails cut really bad, which he HATES to have done. He starts to whine and go a little bit crazy. As I was holding him down and Richie was cutting his nails, Baxter jumped at the last moment and Richie accidentally cut his nail REALLY short. For those of you who have ever cut a dogs nails before, you know that you can't go too short or you will actually cut their flesh (even though it looks like nail) and they will bleed. Well, this was 10 times as bad because he got his nail cut really short and then we could not get it to stop bleeding. We didn't know what to do...if fact I should take a picture of his dog bed, which is where we put him to try and contain the Baxter needs a new bed.

Our final solution was, after about an hour of trying to get the bleeding to stop, to tie a maxi pad around his foot and tape it on. However, Baxter did not like this home made bandage on his foot, so then we had to give him some tranquilizers that we had left over from when he got neutered (is that what it is for a dog?) so that he would not try and take the bandage off. Geesh!! Crazy couple of hours.

Here is the big guy sleeping on the couch with his maxi pad embarrassing!! Up close of the maxi pad bandage...

The Big Guy is pretty tough, so I am sure we will get to take the bandage off in a couple hours and he will be fine!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My New Toy

A package came in the mail for me today!! It was kind of an early Christmas present to myself:). I have been reading a lot about these old style cameras and looking at a lot of pictures taken with them. I absolutely love the effect that you get from the film, light leaks, and double exposure. I am really excited to start using it!!! Unlike a digital camera, I have no idea what the end product is going to look like until I get the film developed...Yes that right, I said film!! I am kind of going backward in the camera world. This was completely bought just for fun and maybe to get some interesting shots...It by no means is replacing my beloved Rebel!!! Stay tuned to see some of the images I capture.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kora Dress Shopping

Getting ready for another Hussey wedding!! On Saturday we headed out on our first attempt to find a wedding dress for Kora. At first, I was a little worried that things were not going to work out for Kora and her consultant...but finally things started to flow between the two of them and she started to get a better idea of what Kora was looking for.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of Kora in the dresses until she actually buys one, so I really didn't get too many pics of Kora, even though it was her dress day:). She found one that she really likes and will probably end up buying it, but still wants to look at one more place before making her final decision. She looked absolutely stunning in every dress she tried on, but the final one was amazing!!!

Here is the lucky lady, waiting to get started with her consultant. My Mom's best friend, Mary Beth, who is also Kora's Godmother, was able to join us. Mary Beth has four boys, so it was fun to have her come along and see the girl side of planning a wedding:).
Sophia LOVED dress shopping and found a lot of fun princess items in the store that she could play with. At one point she made everyone put on a tiara, so when Kora came out, all seven of us had tiaras was pretty cute.
She even made Abby put a put a little tiara on:)!! It was actually a clip, but since Abs is so small it looked a full headpiece on her. I think she really enjoyed dress shopping...can't you tell?
Here is the bride to be after her dress shopping. She was a little exhausted afterward...getting in, and out, of all the dresses is a lot harder than you would think!!!
It was a very fun Saturday! Actually, it was a really fun weekend. Both Richie and Nick were out of town, so Kora and I pretty much spent the entire weekend together. We shared some really nice moments (I know Kora will be the only one to get that joke, but I had to say it anyway!!).
I am so excited for Kora and Nick. This is such a fun time in all relationships. My sister will be a stunning bride:).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beautiful Baby... niece is so cute!! She is just so tiny and precious. I love her, I love her, I love her!!! I had the day off yesterday, so I took advantage of it and headed up to see Kimberly, Zach, and Abs. So peaceful...
Dinner, or maybe it was her second dinner, a snack, or all of the above. It is hard to keep up with which meal she is on because she eats so often:).
Baby legs and feet...
She is hilarious because she always looks like she is smiling. Such a little ham already.
She had her eyes open for about a half hour in the evening. She just wanted to check everyone out and see what she had been sleeping through.
Can't wait to see her again on Saturday. She has stolen my heart:).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If I had the space...

...I would have a large book shelf so that I could actually keep all the books I read. Like I have mentioned before, our home is VERY small. Therefore, I don't have enough space to store all of my books here. Usually, I borrow books from other people, check them out from the library, or pass on the books to a friend and tell them to keep or pass them on...but don't give them back to me:)!! It makes me kind of sad, because I love books, and even though I know I probably won't read them again, it would be fun to keep them.

I came across this picture when I was looking at another blog and was so jealous!! I would love to have a big, full book shelf like this!! Some day, when I have a big house, with a room that is ONLY used for an office, I will then have a book shelf...until then... This is the only book shelf that I have have:( will notice that the space doesn't even get to be used for books because my husband's video games have taken the place of where my books should be!! books.
Oh day...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Enter: Abigail Kristine

And that is what she did. Enter. Abigail made an early entry into the world and a big entry into my heart. I guess she just couldn't wait to meet all of us:)! Or, maybe she wanted her Mom to have a glass of wine on Thanksgiving. Either way, she entered this world with a bit of a bang!! Abby wasn't due to arrive until around December 10th...and to our surprise, she joined the family on November 6th...practically perfect in every way.

Even though she was a few weeks early, she just seems so perfect. Maybe I am a little be the judge...isn't that face so sweet?!? Full head of hair!
New Mommy...I think it was love at first sight! Ha. Kimberly just kept staring at her. I can't believe my big sister is a Mom...A-MAZ-ING.
Can't wait to see you both on Wednesday!! I hope Abs is ready for some good snuggle time with Auntie...well, she doesn't really get the option:).
Welcome to the world, to our family, and into my heart...I already love you so much Abs!!!

Such a silly girl

She can never just take a normal picture!! After I took this picture, I kept staring at it and laughing becaues Sophia is always so goofey! Since this picture made me so happy, I thought I would share it with all of you...I hope it makes you smile:). Have a great day!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

On Sunday my Mom, Dad, Joe, and I headed out to my Grandpa's house to help him celebrate his 87th birthday. We took him dinner, a birthday cake (no frosting...he doesn't like frosting on his cake), and we even sang happy birthday...TWICE!! :) Kyle, Amy, Sophia, and Griffin met us out there and showed up just as we were finishing the birthday song, so on request from Sophia, we sang again so that she could participate.

This is how Kora, Myself, and my cousin Lindsey used to play on these stairs. I was showing Sophia what we used to always do...

She then had to try...however, she said that "this is what I always used to do." She pretty much told me my own story...right after I got done telling her. It was hilarious, she copied what I said, almost, word for word.
"What did you say Great Grandpa?"
It was great to celebrate another birthday with my Grandpa. While we were there we found a bunch of old pictures. It was so fun to show them to my Grandpa and hear what he had to say about each one. It was amazing the details he was able to remember from the pictures!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just some pretty pictures

Yesterday I went out to my Grandpa's house and took some pictures. He lives out in Tenino...the scenery was beautiful. Enjoy these fun fall shots:).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Congratulations Kora and Nick

"Celebrate good times, come on!!!" Kora and Nick just got back from Mexico, where Nick popped the question. Yesterday was the first time we had seen then since they got back, so it was a Halloween / engagement celebration.

Here is a picture of her gorgeous ring. B-E-A-U-TIFUL!!! Different angle...the band is gorgeous.

Love birds:).
Champagne toast...
I am so happy for the two of them!! Our family keeps growing...we are so blessed:). Kora and Nick compliment each other so well. I wish them all the happiness. Welcome to the family Nick...I know we can be a bit much sometimes, but just stay patient with us:).

Halloween 2009

My parents house never really gets too many tricker treaters because it is right off a main road, however, I think the few that we do get are more special than getting a lot:).

Here is Griffin in his costume. It didn't last too long though because it made him REALLY hot. Then when we tried to get it off of him, it was a little too tight on his head and made him super mad!! Isn't he the cutest Tootsie Roll you have ever seen?!? Here is Sophia when she came trick or treating. We had to tell her that when she goes to other peoples' houses to trick or treat, she can't just walk in after they open the door, like she did in this picture.

See, Griffin had to trick or treat without his costume...and with a little help from Aunt Kora.
Dr. Hussey...anyone need some dental work?

Last, but not least...the cutest little street fighter, Chase Fluke!! His mom made the whole costume. It was so creative and was totally perfect for him, since street fighter is his dad's favorite game.
Another great Halloween at the Hussey house!!!

Sophia Rose

This girl cracks me up!!