Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Book Club

Below is the email that I sent out the my fellow book clubers. I wanted to post it so that if people want to join or just follow along with our books they would know what was going on. If you live in the Olympia area and want to be part of the book club let me know :).

Hello Ladies!!! The first book club meeting was a very fun event and we were very sad to miss, both, Tracie and Kristina. Out of the four who were able to meet, two had finished the book and two were not quite there yet J. I won’t name names about who finished and who didn’t, but Lauren and I thought that the ending of the book was very surprising and sad!!! We all had a wonderful time and were able to work out some of the details that would be essential to making the book club run smoothly. Gina was given the quote of the night award with, “we just want to spank some ass.”

We thought it would be best to set up a regular date and time so that our meetings will be on your calendar throughout the year. We decided the last Wednesday of each month would be a good day to meet on, at 6:30 pm, making our next meeting May 27th at 6:30. We will be meeting at Marie’s house (will send address and directions later).

Book choices will rotate throughout the group, each month one person will bring at least three choices for our next book and no more than four. The person who brings the book choices will choose the place that we meet. It can be a restaurant or at your residence…whichever you prefer. The book choice rotation is as follows:

Marisa (I brought choices last night)
Marie (bringing choices to the next meeting)

If you have friends that you want to invite feel free to do so and we will add them to the bottom of the rotation.

Okay, now the important part….drum roll if you please…the next book selection is “The Necklace” by Cheryl Jarvis. I hope everyone enjoys reading it and will be able to make it to the next meeting for food, fun, alcohol, and chit chat!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break and Secrets

Spring Break was a crazy week for the Hussey family. Usually, a break from work means relaxation and lazy days...not so much with this break!!! This year Spring Break was filled with changes, additions, scares, and mostly LOTS of secrets. The week started off with the marriage of Kimberly and Zach, which was not surprise or secret. We had known and planning for six months and the day went off without a hitch...however, the bride and groom had a secret of their own, the first of many throughout the break. Kimberly and Zach are expecting their first BABY!!! Kimberly found out the week before her wedding, but didn't tell anyone until the Tuesday after. Richie and I are much smarter though and figured it out the weekend of the wedding, so we were in the know before the rest of the bunch.

On Tuesday during Spring Break, I woke and helped Richie get ready for work. As Baxter, Lady, and I were standing at the front door waving goodbye, my phone began to ring. It was only about 8:30 am, so when I saw that it was Amy calling, I instantly knew that she had gone into labor. I answered the phone with, "Are you in labor?" She told me yes, but that I was the only one in the family they were telling right now (secret #2) because my Mom and Dad were going up to Seattle for a "play day," which my Dad actually told Kyle was for a doctor's appointment for my Mom (secret #3). Do you see how all these secrets just started building and adding up!!! Amy didn't want my Mom to turn back around and head for Olympia before going to her appointment so we chose not to let her in on the secret just yet. I have to admit that I was a little upset with my Mother for not letting us know that she was going up to a doctor to get some "stuff" checked out. However, everything ended up being fine (THANK GOD!!!) I think that she learned her lesson about keeping secrets from all of her babies...we were all quite scared...what would we ever do without her?!
My parents quickly found out that Amy was going to the hospital because my Dad spoke with one of his drivers who spilled the beans by telling them that Kyle "had better things to do" than be at work. My Dad instantly knew what that meant and told my Mom that they needed to head back home right after the doctors appointment. Before we headed up to the hospital, Kimberly broke her secret to the rest of the family. She was working from my parents house, therefore she brought her own computer. When most of the family was there, she asked if anyone wanted to see her new screen saver...which was a picture of her pregnancey test. Of course everyone started screaming and crying. It took a little bit for some people to "get" what the picture was, but none the less, everyone was so happy and congratulated her with hugs.

Here is a picture of Sophia welcoming her new baby brother, Griffin LeRoy Hussey. He is so chubby and cute. I absolutely love him!!!
So that concludes my Spring Break full of secrets!!! I hope everyone had a great week last week...and remember, secrets never make friends!!!!