Friday, September 25, 2009

Great win Dawgs!!!

Last weekend the University of Washington played USC. We are a team coming off of a horrible season, and they are a team that has been nationally ranked for years. The Dawgs played great and were able to pull off the win. It was AMAZING. This is something that we needed so bad!!! I have to admit, that I got a little emotional at the end of the game and was wishing I was there. Everyone was going crazy at my parents house, cheering, crying, and hugging...I know, we are total dorks, but come on, we didn't win a freakin' game last year and then we beat a really good team!

Here is Griff...all ready to cheer the Dawgs on. Nick and Kora came over and brought the celebratory dinner. The shrimp were so good...perfect to celebrate a victory!!!
See, everyone was celebrating after the game...even baby Griffin!!

Go crazy...the Dawgs won!!!

Here's to you Huskies!!!

I am so glad that we are back. It was such a great game and I know that this season will bring many more wins!!
To all you Dawg fans....keep on barking!!!!!

I don't like sweet potatos!!!!

Well, Griffin really is a true Hussey!! He tried sweet potatos for the first time and HATED them. It was so funny to see his reaction after trying them. Just like the rest of my family, they did not go over very well with him:).

Here he goes, getting his first taste... "What the hell did you just give me Mom!?!"
"Why did you do this to me?"

"How else can I show you that I DO NOT want any more of those things!!!!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tessa's Senior Pics

On Wednesday, I traveled out to Rochester to take Tessa's senior pictures. Tessa is Amy's cousin so we were kind of hooked up through her. It was so much fun. She was willing to do a lot of different, fun poses. I had a great time. I am still editing her pictures, but here are a few for you all to see:).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

38 years

I totally meant to do this yesterday, but forgot when I got home from work...oops. Yesterday, September 11, 2009, was my parents 38th wedding anniversary. I am so proud to tell people about that, because not only have they been married for that long, but they have been in love even longer. These two people set such a great example of how to create, work at, and live a happy, loving life.

This is them on their wedding day, signing their license. Gotta love my Dad's side burns!!! By the way, he was totes hung over for his wedding, which always make me laugh to think of when I look at these pictures. (P.S.--doesn't my sister Kimberly look so much like my Mother?!?) Here they are now...38 years, six children, two and a...well almost three grandchildren, and lots of great memories later!!!! I still see the same happy smiles from the picture above:).
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching your children how to be responsible, caring adults...and most of all...thank you for loving each other for all these years. You have truly created a wonderful life around you:)!!!!!

Walla Walla, WA

That's right, the city that is so great they had to name it twice!!!! Richie and I ventured over the mountains for Labor Day weekend. We had such a great time. We met up with our friends and their significant others (Beth/Jeff, Jessica/Jesse, Lauren/Clifford). The drive was sooooo long, but at the end of the weekend we realized that is was soooo worth it. We had a great time tasting wine and hanging out with good friends.

Here are the four of us girls outside of a winery. The grass was so crazy...really soft, squishy, and green. The four of us have been great friends since high school. It is so nice to have people that you love so much and are so comfortable with...I love these ladies:).Here are Richie and I at the Three Rivers Vineyard. Everything was soooo reminded us both of Napa Valley, which we LOVED. Even though the drive was really LONG Richie has agreed that we will have to go back again to see everything we missed. The fact that our friends, Chelsea and Tyler, have recently moved there is a great excuse:). Jessica, Beth, and I walking down the vineyard. An amazing weekend with amazing friends.

Beth and Jeff have a car with enough seats to house all eight of us, so it was perfect for going around to all of the wineries and vineyards. Here we are in the back having a great time!!!

Beth and her pretty blue eyes. Her and I had quite a time on our last night. It was so great to hang out with great friends.

Good food+Good wine+Good friends=GREAT TIME. Love all of you that went with us...we are so blessed to have friends like you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Abigail Kristine

Kimberly came down to my parents yesterday to visit and have an end of the summer dinner. I was so excited to see her and Aby because it had been a few weeks since I last saw them, and at this point in her pregnancy, she seems to be changing everyday!!! Here are a few shots that I was able to get of Kimberly and Abigail...I can't wait to meet her!!!