Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I wonder how it will be.....

I have a few blogs that I like to read regularly. This one, Rockstar Diaries (, was so cute today that I had to share it. This couple recently brought home a new baby. They have the cutest little Bulldog (English...of course, Baxter is the cutest American Bulldog!) and she will sometimes do a post as if he is writing it. This most recent post, got me thinking about how Baxter and Lady will react when Baby Don comes home.

I can really see Baxter being very overprotective of Don and leaving his cozy space next to me in bed to sleep on the floor in the nursery. I was discussing this worry with Richie the other day, and he just laughed at me!!! I guess it is a silly thing to worry about...but who will keep my feet warm if Baxter is not down there?!?!? Richie reminded me that I will have a lot more things to be thinking about when Don gets here, and shouldn't waste too much time worrying about where Baxter is going to sleep:).

Lady on the other hand is the one we are a little more worried about. She is SUCH A LOVER!!! Not that this is a bad thing, but we are a little worried that she will love the baby a little too much. She loves to give kisses, so we are really going to have to watch that she doesn't kiss Don too much:).

I am sure everything will be great and Baxter and Lady will love their new family member, but these are just some things that have been crossing my mind lately:).
This is an old day we came home to this mess! Baxter had destroyed his bed! Hopefully, he will not resort back to actions like this after Don gets here:).

Monday, March 14, 2011

Leavenworth Girls weekend

I was lucky enough to spend the first weekend of March in Leavenworth, WA with some of my dearest friends, Jessica, Lauren, and Beth. The first night that we got there it was snowing like crazy!!! Total winter wonderland:). We quickly checked into our condo and headed to dinner, as we were all VERY least I know that Baby Don and I were very hungry.

Here is a picture of the downtown Leavenworth area. There was also a Christmas movie being shot down this street, so the four of us may become big movie star extras...or at least may have a little cameo in the background, as we walked down the sidewalk to our restaurant. They totally lucked out with the falling perfect for a Christmas movie!!!

We spent much of the next morning and afternoon browsing and shopping all around the downtown area. Don't mind how large I look in this picture...I think it is the coat:).We then headed back to the condo for a snacky lunch of yummy cheese, fruit, veggies and hummus. It was sooooo good and perfect to snack on while we played cards. Beth introduced us to a new game called Phoenix Rummy (not sure on the spelling). I was addicted!! I pretty much wanted to play the rest of the trip:).

Lauren...working on her second bottle:). It was a fun night, which we ended with dinner at a really great Mexican restaurant. Beth and I decided that this specific meal was worth the drive back to Leavenworth!!!

We headed back pretty early on Sunday, where my whole family (besides my Mom, who was in Bellevue for a work conference) was hanging out. Kimberly and Abby came down to spend some time at home, while their bathroom was getting the finishing remodel steps. I ended a great weekend with a fun dinner at my parents house. Amy made delicious lasagna!! It is always nice to be back together again.
After dinner, however, we got some bad news and I would like for everyone to keep my Dad in your prayers. We found out that he has prostate cancer. They have caught it really early, which is always good. However, we won't know much more until after his doctor's appointment next week. I just ask that everyone say a little extra prayer for his health...I always figure more people praying can never hurt.

I love this picture of my perfect to show his personality:). I know I am a little bias, but I have to admit, my Dad is probably one of the best ever!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

30 Weeks!!!!

These pictures were taken at 30 weeks and 5 days, but I am actually 31 weeks and 4 days now. I can't believe how fast this is going!!! Richie and I went out the other day to pick up some essentials that Baby would need for survival if he were to come tomorrow, but we still have a lot of items that we need to pick up. It is crazy to think that he is so close to his big debut. We definitely have A LOT left to do before Don gets here. As soon as we get more work done on the nursery I will make sure to post some pictures.
The other night the little guy woke me up (which is becoming a habit of his...guess I should start getting used to it) with all his moving around. He is certainly a busy little boy:). After I woke up, I was laying there with my hand resting on my tummy, willing him to go back to sleep, so that I could go back to sleep, when I felt his little foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. It was such a clear feeling of a foot inside the palm of my hand. I can't wait to see what that sweet little foot looks like.
Little Man, we can't wait to meet you and we love you sooooo much already:).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portland Weekend

A couple weekends ago Richie and I headed down to Portland to visit our great friend Primo. Richie has been down to visit him a couple times since his move, but this was my first time. I was really excited to see Primo and Margaret, as I hadn't seen them since Kora's wedding back in August. We had a nice relaxing time, much like when Primo still lived up here. Richie, Primo, and I can pretty much sit around having movie marathons all the time...we're pretty compatible in that sense:).

Here is a picture of Richie and I right after we got down there. We traveled at an awkward time and were all hungry when we showed up. We went to this fun place that had great wings. We were laughing after we took this picture because Rich and I went a little wedding portrait with the hand holding and didn't even realize it. Ha!! The table is covering him up, but Baby Don was there in between us. I think he was the reason I couldn't scoot much closer to Rich. We had a great time. I was only able to stay one night, but Richie bought a train ticket and stayed one more night, so him and Primo were able to play video games like crazy!!!

It was a fun time and we lucked out with great weather. Hopefully we will be back soon.