Friday, May 29, 2009

He creates lots of smiles:)

So, I know that this happened a couple of months ago, but like I had said in a previos blog...I have been a really crappy blogger lately. While this event is not the most recent thing that has happened to was too cute to go "un-blogged!!"

The below picture is from Kimberly and Zach's rehersal dinner. It was at the Alexis hotel in downtown Seattle. It was very beautiful and everyone in attendance was able to sit around one very large, square, table, which was great fun for conversation.

While we were waiting to get our food Richie and Sophia started to play with each other at the table. It was so cute because she was laughing a hearty, strong laugh. She was just soooo amused by him. The laughing went on and was great because he was keeping her entertained while we waited for dinner, which can be a tough time for toddlers:).

Yep...still laughing!!!

These were the ribbons off of the gift bags that Kimberly gave to her bridesmaids. I obviously thought it was more beautiful as a big bow in my hair! You can see Richie in the background trying to figure out how he can make this funny....hmmmm...what will he come up with?

Oh, he wants to un-wrap my "package." I guess he not only can make Sophia laugh, but most adults as well...even when he is uncomfortably inappropriate, which is how I always explain his humor.

I love this guy for always knowing how to make me laugh!! Thanks Rich:).

Friday, May 15, 2009


Yay!!!! I found my camera this morning!!!! Last weekend Kora and I went shopping to get birthday gifts, baptism gifts, and mother's day gifts. Of course I found a few items for myself. When I got home with my American Eagle bag, I didn't want to put my new clothes away, but I also did want Lady to "try" them on, so I had to keep them out of reach from her. I put the whole bag behind the mirror. When I was getting ready for work this morning, I wanted to wear one of my new shirts. As I reached into the bag to grab a shirt I saw my camera!!! I was so excited. I promise I will post fun blogs about last weekend either tonight or tomorrow morning. Thank God I didn't loose that much as I hate my camera (it takes too long for each picture), I would have hated loosing it even more. I hope everyone is having a great Friday and that you will have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

crappy blogger

Sorry I have been such a horrible blogger lately. My life went in a bit of a dry spell for a few weeks, with nothing very interesting happening. Last weekend, however, was very busy and there were so many things that I could have blogged about. I even toted my camera all weekend so that I could post cute pictures of everything. Now the only thing holding me back is the fact that I can't find my camera!!! It might be at my parents house, which is the last place that I remember taking any pictures, but I just don't know for sure. I am pretty positive, however, that it is not at my house. I looked all over the place last night so that I could upload pictures and could not find it any where!!!! Last night was one of the few nights that I was acctually allowed access to my computer. With my husband finishing his degree online, I NEVER get to use my computer, which greatly limits my blogging time:). So anyway, once I find my camera, and upload pictures I will have a variety of topics to blog about. Some of the topics include: spending time with old friends, sibling birthdays, baby brothers senior prom, nephews baptism, and of course my wonderful mother on mother's day. Hang in there...I will find my camera soon and then you will be bombarded with blogs!!!