Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Baxter

I came across this picture today and thought that it was a good display of how BIG Baxter is and thought I would share it with you. Since he is my baby, I forget how big he is until other people remind me, or when I see pictures like this. My neighbors son always calls Bax a "brick shit house" and I am finally starting to understand why.
He is so stupid and cute! I love the Big Guy!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello Dawg Fans

My sister sent me this today and I thought all of you Dawg fans out there might also enjoy it.

We play Standford this weekend and I will be attending the game with my brother, Kyle, so hopefully I will get some fun pics to share with everyone:).

Happy Tailgating and GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeff Stiles

Okay, so I am trying to catch up on posting some of the shoots I have done in the last month or so. There was such a big rush of senior portraits because most of the local high schools want kids to turn in the picture of choice by the third week in October, and, of course, high school kids put everything off until the last minute:).

Here are pictures of Jeff that I took back in September. Jeff actually graduated last year (2010) but wanted some different pictures because he has changed so much since the beginning of his senior year. Jeff's mom, Jolene, used to baby-sit the Hussey kids and then when she had kids we would baby-sit them. It was such a fun shoot and great to see Jeff...I think the last time I saw him he was still in diapers!!!!!

Jeff is attending Western Washington University this year and was getting ready to leave a couple days after our shoot. It was great getting to chat with him about his future plans and goals. Good luck in college Jeff!!!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eric 2011

I have been so busy for the last several weeks taking pictures and getting them ready before year book deadlines. For this reason, I have fallen far behind on posting the photo shoots that I have done.

Here is Eric. He is a senior at Olympia High School. At Oly they have spirit leaders, called Thunder and Lightening. I can't remember which one Eric is, but he helps cheer the Oly Bears to victory at the football games:).

This was a really fun shoot and Eric was great to work with.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cats out of the bag...

Well, here is what we have been hiding the last ten weeks:). A little Gummie Bear!!! We have been waiting to make the big announcement because we wanted to make sure everything was okay. Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment and they said everything was looking really good and healthy, so we decided it was time to share our happy news. We are soooooo excited! Baby F really put on a show for Mom and Dad yesterday during the appointment. It was waving, kicking it's little stub legs together, and even doing a little dance. Such a show off already:).

Friday, October 8, 2010


I should have posted this a really long time ago, but I forgot until now...oh well.

For our wedding, our best man got us a bottle of Dom Perignon. We were REALLY excited, or actually, I was really excited!!! We kept looking for the right time to drink it, but were always hesitant because we didn't want to waste it on something that wasn't special enough. I was talking to some friends about how we had yet to drink the fancy bottle of champagne, and was shocked when they told me that it can actually go bad!!! Since we heard this news, we were constantly looking for a the right time and place to drink it cause we knew it had to be soon.

For those of you who know Richie, you know that he LOVES the Lakers. So every year when they are in the playoffs, it is a very emotional time for him. I can't get upset because I have my teams that I love and am very passionate about, so I totally get his craziness:).

This past year, when they won the championship game, Richie started jumping up and down going crazy with excitement and yelled, "Get the Dom!!!" Of course I quickly agreed that this was the right time:), so I grabbed it out of the cupboard.
It was well worth the wait!!!!! Even though it was a relaxing, low key night at home, I think it was the perfect night to drink our Dom:).

Richie is not a huge drinker, so he only had one glass and I got the rest of the bottle to myself!!! Yum, yum!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Never let it get too far away!!!

Like usual, Baxter was protecting his baby while sleeping. I was working on some pictures the other night and looked over to see the Big Guy hiding his ball mid nap. He is so funny with those Kong balls!!!! Right now we have two of them and I will often find Baxter playing with one while laying on the other so that nobody else can have it. Such a silly boy!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One of the guys

Sorry, I know the quality of this picture is really bad, but none the less, it is a cute picture. A few weeks ago, Kyle and Amy invited us out their house to watch the Husky game. By the end of the night we ended up chatting around the dinning room table. The guys all had drinks, so of course Griff wanted one too. Amy found a little shot glass that was shaped like a beer mug, threw some ice water in it and, as a result, Big Boy Roy though he was pretty cool hangin' with the other guys!!! (Side note: notice how deep in coversation Kyle is...LOL) This little guy is such a character. He is ALL BOY!!! He seeks out trucks and footballs, even when they are buried by dolls and princesses. He can spend HOURS "driving" the cars in the driveway...not to mention his love for "driving" his Dad or Grandpa's big trucks!!! When my Dad knows Griff is at his house, he tries to run in from the truck really fast just to avoid a melt down.

This little guy sure does keep me smiling:).