Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our little peanut

...is getting sooooo big already. I have been really bad about getting on the computer and giving updates, but only for the reason that I just love holding and hanging out with our little man, that I forget to do anything else...LOL!This post will be a quick update on some fun events that Don had done over the last three and a half weeks.

Don got to meet our good friends Tyler and Chana and their baby, Bear. Bear was so cute with Don. So interested and excited to be close to the baby:).
Here are the proud Daddies. They are holding each other's baby, but I thought it was funny because the baby they are holding matches them better than their actual offspring...Hehe!!! Richie and Tyler have been good friends since high school and I am sure that Don and Bear will also share a special friendship.Baby Don met his Great Grandpa Dick for the first time. It was really cute how my Grandpa just kept staring at him:).
Don had his first fishing trip and even helped his Dad catch a fish...well kind of:).He was a sweet boy and folded his hands to say his prayers...
He took his first big boy bath and LOVED it...however, he did not like it when I had to take him out!

Uncle Joe gave him his first Peanut M&Ms...he told me he would rather I eat them and he could get a taste from me later:).He went to his cousin Sophia's ballet recital...and obviously had a great time:).
He got blessed at his Grandma and Grandpa Faatoafe's church...now we just need to schedule his baptism at my church. He is going to be the man of many religions:).
Proud Pappa!!!

And he hung out with his Aunt Kim and cousin Abby. It has been such a wonderful last three weeks. I love watching our little guy grow and change every day. We are so blessed!