Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Bug

Today is my first day of summer and I was checking my email, in the living room of course because we have no office in our mansion (hahaha), and turned around to see my cute little dogie all snuggled up on the couch. The blanket wasn't covering quite as much so I helped her out a little bit. I just had to share the picture because it was so cute. She is such a sweet dog...I love my little Lady!!Her big dopey brother likes to be outside from sun up to sun down chewing on his Kong Ball. I kid you not, he could chew on that ball for HOURS, which ends up making him get dirty so he has to stay out most of the day.
So excited that it is now summer!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Richie and I had a VERY busy night on Friday. Richie's older brother James and his sig other(Teresa) recently had another baby, James Jr., to add to their 4 1/2 year old, Kelani. When my husband was over visiting on Wednesday he offered to give them a break from the baby and said that we would take him for the night on Friday. While Richie and Teresa discussed the details about taking care of a 1 1/2 month, they all of a sudden realized that Kelani was frantically running around the house packing up, already thinking that she was also going to be staying with us. So we quickly went from watching an easy 1 1/2 month old, who sleeps all the time, to now watching a rambunctious 4 1/2 year old with him.

Richie told KK (that is what we call Kelani) to calm down because she wasn't going to be having a slumber party until Friday, so she had a couple days to wait. She followed that statement by saying, "me and Nats are going to have soooo much fun" (picture that statement being said with a lisp!!). Natalya, aka Nats, is Richie's other brother's little girl, who is almost five. Richie was now a little scared to come home and tell me that he had volunteered us to watch the baby, but that quickly turned into a full on slumber party with us, the baby, and the little girls!!

I have to admit, I had a very overwhelming feeling when Rich came home and told me that we were going to have a full house on Friday night!! Our house is only 888sq feet, and it, for the night, was going to be housing Richie and I, our two dogs (who are not little), two four year olds, and a new baby...whew...that is a lot of people and not a lot of house. Of course, everything worked out great and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Surprisingly, Baxter (our big, dumb dog) was great with all of the kids and took on the protector role, constantly sniffing and checking everyone to make sure all was well. The girls ended up sleeping in their princess tent in the living room and Richie, me, the baby, Baxter, and Lady all took up post on our queen size bed...it was a tight fit, to say the least!!!
Here are a couple pictures of the girls in the bath on Friday night. They really enjoyed themselves and it was a great break for James and Teresa to have a night away from both the baby and KK.
Natalya is on right and KK is on the left.

We had a great time, but were definitely tired by the time we dropped all the kids off on Saturday evening. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of the baby so I could show you how cute he is, but after I took these pics I was so busy that I forgot to pull my camera back out. I tip my hat to all you mothers who do this everyday of your lives...it is probably the hardest job on Earth...with the biggest reward!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Love grows best...

Last night our good friends Primo and Margaret came over to watch the Lakers game with us. I wanted to finish my book really bad so that I could move onto my new book club book, so I spent most of the game reading and just looking up for highlights.

Primo took the picture below with his phone because he thought it was too cute to miss, therefore the quality of the picture isn't the best, but I wanted to share it with you anyway because this is such a normal occurance in our house. I always sit in the chair while Richie almost always sits on the couch. Even though there is way more room for the puppies to lay on the couch with Richie, they always want to be close to their momma and the three of us end up squishing on the chair, while Richie is sprawled out on the couch. I didn't know Primo was taking this picture so he caught us in a very real moment. Richie and I are kind of "stuck" in our small little house because of the wonderful housing market and we keep complaining and saying we want something with more space for us, the dogs, and hopefully one day, kids. Then again, we also realize that living in a small space kind of forces us to snuggle, talk, and, as in the picture above, literally lay on top of each other:). Love really does grow best in little houses!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

To celebrate Memorial Day, Kora invited a few people over to her cute house in Olympia. We had a great time. Nick was golfing most of the BBQ, so it was a really good thing that Kyle showed up and was able to man the grill, as it was obvious Kora did not really know what to do with that thing!! This was another fun event that I was able to use my fun new camera! Baby Griffin lounging on the couch! He is such a cutie:).

Kora--always being the hostess with the mostess. Doesn't she look so cute in her little apron and old fashion kitchen?!

This was just too cute not to capture. Dad and daughter swingin' away.

I just thought this was a cute picture of my Dad so I had to share it with everyone:).I actually caught Sophia in a cute pose instead of a crazy one. She has realized that she no longer likes to get her picture taken, therefore, whenever you point a camera in her direction she will cover her face or make a silly face. I had to take this from a distance so that she didn't realize I was taking it of her...I caught her!!!After Nick got done golfing he had to open his birthday gift from my parents. This kiss was not the only gift he got, but I thought this picture was much cuter than the one of just him and his "real" gift.
Holidays, no matter which one, are always such a great excuse to hang out with family and friends. We all had a wonderful, relaxing time and were able to spend some time remembering those who had lost their lives serving our country...a big thank you to those men and women...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Downtown with my new CANON REBEL

I recently became the new owner of a Canon Rebel xsi and absolutely LOVE it!! It is the most amazing camera and something that I am sure to cherish for the next few decades. The day after I got it, I was dying to go downtown Olympia in the sunshine and take some pictures of the cute little town we live in. Once Richie finally woke up and got ready for the day, we headed downtown. The picture below is the only one we have together because Richie was scared that if we asked someone to take our picture they would run off with our new camera. Since Richie is not in quite as good of shape as he used to be (don't worry babe, you still look great to me) he wasn't feeling so confident that he could catch someone if they started running away with "The Rebel!!!" So when we went up in the viewing tower there was a young man up there who we decided to ask because we figured it would be hard for him to run away when we were up in a tower:). Richie decided to end it all that day...but luckily I was able to talk him back from the ledge.

Walking around Capital Lake. It was sooooo hot and we needed to take a little rest.

We also wanted to watch this cute little dog. Her name was Kelly and she LOVED the water. Her owner kept trying to get her to come out but she would just stare at him. She was only 9 months old and in such a cute puppy mode. Something is wrong with me because watching her made me want a puppy!! I already have two dogs and I wasn't even a "dog" person until a few years ago, but when they are puppies, they are so playful and cute. She kept trying to stand on the stick in this picture and was getting really frustrated that it wouldn't hold her. She was part American Bulldog (which is what Baxter is) and part American Pitt Bull Terrier. Too cute!!

We had a great time downtown Olympia and we both agreed that we not only live in a beautiful state, but we also live in the cutest little town. I love my new camera...if anyone wants me to follow their family around and take candid pics let me know!!!!