Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got Milk????

Ever since Don was born he has had trouble latching. We keep working on it, but it still is not a constant thing around our home. For this reason, I have had to pump ever since I was in the hospital to make sure that my milk keeps producing and so that we can put it in bottles for Don to eat. Needless to say, the pumping has worked quite well and I produce a little over twice as much as what Don needs for eating...meaning, I am running out of freezer space!!!! Milk is taking over and the chicken pot pies are scrambling for a new space to live:).These are some of the first bags that I pumped. It is so funny to me because they are a completely different color than the milk I pump now. It must still have a little bit of the good stuff in it:).

See, the poor pot pies are being taken over!!!!
Since Don is not latching I have decided to cut my breast feeding at little short and hope to be completely done by the time I go back to work in September. Hopefully this stock pile will help us to ward off formula for a little longer than that.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Looker

A few weeks ago my Mom, sisters, and I headed up to Beth's house to help celebrate Baby Looker. My dear friend Jessica is just weeks away from having her baby. I can't wait to find out what she is having, as her and Jesse decided to keep it a surprise, which has been driving me CRAZY!!! I am not patient enough to wait nine months for something like this:). I guess we will find out soon enough...

Here is Jessica posing with the food table. Amy made the cake and, of course, did an amazing job!! Jessica looks so cute as a preggo:).
Lauren, Michelle Ashley, Beth, and myself came together to help host the shower. Beth was gracious enough to let us use her house and had everything decorated so cute. Beth always takes such care in everything she does and it always turns out so adorable and professional looking. She made the food labels to match the nursery bedding that Jessica has picked out...so cute.
Of course this big guy had to come with us. Don is also sooooo excited for his little friend to get here. He told me he wants to have play dates so he can show Baby Look the ropes:). Jessica and I have known each other since 1st grade and have a very special friendship...I am so excited for that to be passed onto our children, who will be so close in age!!
My Mom and her girls...well and Don got in on this one too:).

Jessica and her mom, George.
All the preggos. We put them in order of due date from right to left. In fact Beth Berlanga, who is farthest on the right is no longer pregnant because baby Amelia made her entrance a little early:). I love that so many of my friends are having children right now!!!
I am so happy and excited for Jessica and Jesse. Becoming a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't wait for my friend to experience that feeling as well. It is also so special to me that Don will not only be surrounded by family and cousins that love him, but he will also be surrounded by instant friends:).
Jessica, I am counting down the days for you because I am SO EXCITED to meet this sweet baby!! Love you Lady:).