Monday, March 12, 2012

10 MONTHS!!!!

I can't even believe it. Seriously, where does the time go. I can't believe that my baby boy is 10 months old today!!!! He is such a sweet, happy boy...we have been so blessed. He has been sick for the last week or so, and even then, he remained smiley and happy.

I know that this was not very nice of my Mom and I to do, and Richie probably won't be too happy that I posted this, but come on, look how cute he looks. His hair continues to be a challenge for us:). It is starting to lay down a bit more, but now it is almost starting to look like he has a piece of fake hair laying on top. Amy said that if we don't cut it soon, she was going to start putting a bow in his hair every time we see them. I have to admit, he does look pretty darn cute as a girl:)...hehehe. And we still take to calling him Donnie Rooster!
Don has a beautiful mouth full of teeth. He seems to be holding steady with eight right now, but I am sure he will have more popping through soon, as he still like to chew and put everything in his mouth. He is getting so close to walking. He has a little push toy and is really good at controlling the speed and catching himself when he falls. He has realized that it hurts to hit his head, so anytime he feels himself going down backward, he hold his stomach muscles real tight so his head won't hit. It is actually kind of funny to watch. He pulls himself up on everything and, if it moves, uses to help him get around. I feel that any day he is going to let go of those toys and take off on his own.

This picture was taken when he was sick last week, so he is a little red and blotchy, but still smilin'. He is such a happy boy all the time!!!!
Sleeping is still a little tough for us, as he REALLY likes to sleep with us, especially his Daddy!!! Boy does he love that guy. Sometimes I have to remind Don that I carried him for nine months and pushed with him for almost three hours, therefore, by default, I should be his favorite...but he doesn't get it yet:). He wakes up twice to eat and quickly goes back to our bed...still no crib. I have been reading a couple sleep books and hopefully we will get him in his own bed soon. I told Richie the other day that everything the books say NOT to do, seems to be exactly what we do! Not ideal!!
He is babbling up a storm and hopefully soon it will turn into real words. He still waves "hi" and "bye." He has said "Grandpa" clear as day...but only twice and never on demand:). Mamma and Dadda are his favorites, with the occasional "Babba." I have been working on teaching him to clap and he is getting very close. My Dad and I have been trying to teach him to play catch, which he is great at...with a little assistance from Grandpa of course. And lastly, I am trying to teach him to blow kisses, which he just smiles at every time we make the attempt.
Overall, we have been blessed beyond belief. Our little guy is so sweet!!! We could never ask for anything more...I am sure I am the only parent with a perfect child;).
Oh yeah...he loves to eat!!!! Everything!!! If you are eating he usually yells at you to get your attention and make you share with him.


Amy said...

He's such a sweet little guy. Today when I saw him it almost looked like I could do a French braid down the center of his head like a little mohawk... I might try it next time. :o)

Kora said...

Love that guy, Ris. You got a good one :).