Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eight Months

Such a bigga boy!!! Don turns eight months today. I cannot even believe how fast time is going. When we were at the hospital having him, people kept saying, "enjoy it...before you know it he will going to college!!" Richie and I laughed, thinking, no way could time go that fast. However, I am starting to believe them. These last eight months have flown by. We were looking at pictures from the hospital the other day, and I started to cry a little bit because I just get a scared that I am going to forget things he does, or it is all going to go so fast and be over before we know it.Ok, enough about that...let me tell you all the great new things my sweet boy does:). Don't let the picture above fool you...Don still does not sleep in his crib. Up until recently he would sleep in the bassinet next to our bed and usually move into our bed at some point in the night. Now we are using the bassinet as a play pen out in the living room, so it is no longer in our room, or an option for him to sleep in. The last two nights he has started the night in his crib and as soon as one of us goes to bed he moves in with us. I know, I know, we are terrible, but it is so nice to have him close at night, and he is definitely a snuggle bug who likes to be close to us. He uses his crib to play in and loves pulling himself up to standing while he is in there. So far, this is the only place he is able to do that on his own, but he has been making attempts on the furniture, which usually end in a crash:(.
He is crawling everywhere!!! This started around 6 1/2 months, but he is now becoming much more efficient with it. It is still mainly an army crawl, but he is moving up onto his hands and knees more. He cracks me up because he kind of does a "running" crawl when he sees a door open, or something that he wants really bad. He also loves terrorizing the house in his walker, which his cousin, Sophia, likes to call his wheel chair. He gets into all the cupboards at Grandma and Grandpa's house and pulls stuff out. The always talk about him destroying their house, but I secretly think they like it:).
He can say "hi" and waves while saying it, and he is getting better at "Dada." I have started working on "Mama" but he always resorts back to "Dada." Kisses are his specialty, which he will give with a sloppy open mouth...a mouth which has eight teeth and the K9's knocking on the gums:).
I just love my little man so much. He brings Richie and I so much joy everyday. We have been blessed beyond our imaginations. At night, when he wakes up, he reaches out for Richie or I (usually Richie...LOL) and wants to snuggle...melts my heart every time.


Amy said...

We love your little snuggle bug, too! Hard to believe he is 8 months today - wow! I know you and Richie are loving every minute of it! Remember to write all his little funny things down in his baby book.

Victoria said...

It really isn't fair that "Dada" is easier to say than"Mama!" He is adorable!

Beth said...

Wow, I cant believe he is 8 months today! Time does go by so fast. Cant wait to see him soon! Happy 8 month birthday sweet boy!!